Trimble 4D Lite is now integrated with the Trimble TerraFlex Software to provide an advanced cloud-based application for surveyors, engineers and scientists to perform campaign monitoring of data/time series without the need to integrate directly with onsite hardware and sensors.

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Trimble is pleased to announce an updated version of the existing bundles for periodic monitoring campaigns and for long-term, automated monitoring installations. The new Trimble S7 and S9 Total Stations have been applied to all relevant bundles. The bundles for campaign monitoring contain a Trimble 4D Lite Standard 12 month subscription whereas the bundles for automated monitoring contain hardware and all required Trimble 4D Control modules.

The update also applies to the High Rise bundle which contains all core components that are required to support the Trimble High Rise App

The Trimble S9 and S9 HP total stations are built for specialized applications such as monitoring and tunneling, where you need a solution with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability. Combine the Trimble DR HP EDM in the S9 HP with your choice of 1” or 0.5” angular accuracies and Trimble VISION™ or Long Range FineLock and you have the flexibility to tackle the most demanding projects.

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A monitoring installation lets you detect displacement or movement in natural and manmade structures. It provides the data you need to understand the speed, direction and magnitude of any motion. The software is the core of your monitoring project. It controls the measurements, manages and analyzes the data, and provides decision support.

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